Digital / Social Emerging Trends for 2014.. Siri, artificial intelligence, chats, emoticons & avatars

Every once and a while - I am lobbed the classic emerging trend question. The one that asks you to peer into your crystal ball and reach for something a little extraordinary that isn't on someone's radar. Something grounded with a hint of evidence but not yet here in the marketplace. Something useful. Patterns not yet present.

Measuring non-profit contribution: @JaimeStein ‘s impact on #Climb4Cord

Jaime Stein represents a new breed of non-profit campaign contributors - one whose efforts can be easily hidden by traditional fundraising measurements. A 2013 Case Study in Non-profit fundraising [or should we call it contribution raising?] @JaimeStein is deeply involved in #Climb4Cord; a fundraising event where a select group of executives climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds … Continue reading Measuring non-profit contribution: @JaimeStein ‘s impact on #Climb4Cord

is it premature to talk about social media maturity?

I have been developing a social media maturity model or framework to help organizations understand the maturity of their social media efforts. My intention is to make an open sourced model and allow it to be shaped by the coomunity. Recently, I held a roundtable discussion with my favorite moderator / conversationalist @rickwolfe. Rick is … Continue reading is it premature to talk about social media maturity?