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New for me: Contributing writer for the 405 club

The 405 club, New York’s Official Unemployment Network, is a rapidly growing network and clever blog site started by Garrett Dale and Jose Gonzalez.

As you may not know – $405 is the maximium unemployment benefit you can receive in New York State.   So for those who were earning over six figures – its a pretty big fall during a great recession.    The Gotham Gazette, NYC paper, wrote an interesting article about the realities of being unemployed in New York.

I was contacted by Garrett to see if I would be a contributing writer for the blog.   I wrote back asking if he says this to all the blogs but Garrett confessed to liking my writing style and being serious.  AH .. his timing was wonderful and the news brighten my day.

I am pleased as punch to contribute.  The move make more of my volunteer work.

My only professional hesitation is that I really want to be much more than just ‘using social media in job search’ – I want to be about using social media to rock your customer, change the game, create idea jams and engage with customers on levels not yet imagined by most.   [not just me – many of my colleagues in social media pine for this]

The changes that I see that – for the home building industry, for retail, for insurance, for government, for every industry!  And yet – my work in social recruiting 2.0 and job search seems to be hitting a wild nerve – not surprisingly given the market realities.   So as much as I want to talk about how the condo market should be using social media more, or how under utilized youtube is, I continue to talk about jobs.

Now.. if I could just figure out how to get Employment Ontario and the federal government to fund my work…

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INDEED.com Finally – a job search site aggregator

Check out indeed.com – a job board aggregator operates like google, aggregates the highly fragment Canadian job boards, with 12 million unique visitors.

I’m doing a lot of research into social recruiting 2.0 [thank you Sacha for debrief on Social recruiting summit] and the modern job search for a course I’ve giving at Tcet. 

And I’ve just discovered Indeed.com – which aggregates all kinds of job boards making a ‘google’ type search very easy. 

Now, I’m actually speaking on the value of social networking and using linkedin, facebook and less so twitter, youtube, etc (based on target audience) so I didn’t have job search on my radar.  But I came across it in an article stating indeed.com is the no. one job search board – with 12 millon unique visitors a month. 

Who knew?  Now you do.

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The Use of Social Media in Job Search

I’ve been asked to present on ‘the Use of Social Media  in Job Search” at two of the eight Centres for Education and Training (Tcet), a non-profit organization providing free  employment services for job seekers.    I’ve done a lot of web 2.0 education (for executives, marketing departments and consultants) so this will be an exciting course to pull together.   You will see a number of posts on this topic supporting a course I’m conducting later in June and July.

I was referred to Tcet by Sacha Chua; a person I greatly admire who knows a heck a lot about social media and networking but also admitted to me that as a full time happy IBMer, she hasn’t done a job search for a while.

I, on the other hand, have.   This is a Great Recession – and it is an absolute bear of a waiting game with the market behaving so very differently than before.   You can not search for a job the way it was two years ago.   And the responses from recruiters and companies are also very different. 

I am very aware of how difficult it is for job seekers.    If any employed person is under the illusion that the market has picked up, then they need a second look.  At a recent party I attended, 2/3rds of adults had been laid off or had contracts not renewed.   These were directors, vps, pretty high up folks.

For me, having exhausted my EI on mat leave, I am seeking the self-employment benefit which pays EI to those starting a business.   I still haven’t jumped thru all the hoops to get that benefit but I did complete a mandatory course on ‘transitions to employment’ which was required just so I could talk to someone about my business.    [its true – ask anyone on ei – you can’t talk to anyone in the government unless you do this course.]   During this course I could not believe the pressure to cold call companies for a job.  To search job boards for a job.  And absolutely no mention of linkedin (not to mention blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc).  When I suggested Linkedin to the presenter – she needed to know how it was spelt – she never heard of it!!  And beyond two people in a classroom of 25, no one knew about linkedin.

Sometimes, I forget how connected I really am.  I blog, I now twitter.  I’ve been bragging about linkedin for over six years.  I’m on Facebook.  Its natural albeit time consuming.  So it comes a surprise sometimes when I realize how other friends are not yet taking advantage of these tools to drive their personal brand forward.  

I welcome any comments on how these tools have helped you.  And I definitely look forward to meeting people at Tcet.  Apparently the St. Clair session has just hit 58 enrollees – breaking past all expectation they had for the session.  🙂