digital strategy

is it premature to talk about social media maturity?

I have been developing a social media maturity model or framework to help organizations understand the maturity of their social media efforts. My intention is to make an open sourced model and allow it to be shaped by the coomunity.

Recently, I held a roundtable discussion with my favorite moderator / conversationalist @rickwolfe. Rick is helping shape this work into a better framework – allowing me to roadtest the framework among c-level executives.

i must write up my takeaways and but a quick one was that many had issue with the idea of social media having a maturity. they saw businesses only scratching the surface of social media and so using the term “maturity” was premature. i loved the feedback and it blew me away.

i see the evolution of social media. I forget that the aging that ive seen since 2006 isnt seen by the majority. i should say that this crowd was savvy in digital but their vision of how much work remains suggests that maturity is a long way off.

to be continued…