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Klout topic pages – sneak peek

I noticed that Klout topic pages are active today.  Their messaging suggests I have access to a limited release though I do see them advertising topic pages on their blog. 

Here are some screen shots if it is a limited release.

This is a great global read on topics but additional filters are required.  I’d like to know influence in several topics – e.g. Toronto, social media, strategy.  Or be able to select time frames – influence in the last week, 3 mos, year..  I’d also like to see methodology explained better in this section.

Image 1 – my klout topic listings.  To access overall topic – click on the topic.  e.g. speakers

Laurie's klout topic listing -

Image 2 – The global social media topic page in klout

Global social media topic page for Klout
influence, social networks

Klout early adopter thanks message

I’m liking these social networks recognizing the role that early adopters play in supporting & growing the company.   I just received a little thanks / achievement notice from @klout.

In March 2011, I received a lovely message [here] from Reid Hoffman, CEO of Linkedin,  @quixotic,  for being among the first 100, 000 out of 100 million members (I’m in the first 0.03% of members).     Though –  I think he could have created a stronger message, upped the game against Facebook and created long lasting buzz by giving the first 100, 000 members some stock options….