#NXNEi 2012 – Recap of “How to win at YouTube”

Today's session on "How to win on YouTube" at #NXNEi 2012, was moderated by entrepreneurial @GuyGal -  one of the classiest video know-it-alls, with a kicking panel including @CoreyVidal - the guy that Guy describes as a video know-it-all, @epicmealtime 's @Harleyplays [who can cook up a mean turkducken filled with bacon as sampled from … Continue reading #NXNEi 2012 – Recap of “How to win at YouTube”

Chatting up video with @guygal

@Guygal is one interesting gal's guy. Responsible for business development at Biz Media, Guy & company are quick to corner a niche in social video. i had a coffee meetup with Guy earlier this week and left with my brain excited on video.