Joining DraftFCB

I'm excited to join a new advertising agency - DraftFCB as their Planning Director in Digital effective August 13th 2012.

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Top five skill sets of today’s digital strategists

I get a significant amount of natural search visitor traffic [a.k.a. Google] against two key phrases --  "digital strategy job description" and "resigning from IBM".    Since I resigned from IBM six years ago, I thought I'd offer a quick update on the role a digital strategist plays in today's advertising industry. At first consideration,… Continue reading Top five skill sets of today’s digital strategists

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Project Butterfly – Palmerston Group

What does it mean to be social? This is precisely the question that @danielberkal and Seattle’s Cole + Weber United set out to answer in 2011. Presented at social media week [#SMWTO], this study is deeply insightful and organized in thought - so much so that I am often sharing the story of Daniel's presentation around… Continue reading Project Butterfly – Palmerston Group

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How to be trend hunter: figuring out emerging trends

Here is a common scenario for many. A request to identify the top destinations, gadgets, trends, etc... of the day/week/season. This request begs the question - how do you figure out where people go, who the influencers are, what trends are emerging. ... some of the things I do:

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Today’s digital strategies need to recognize that digital is a ecosystem

Ecosystem is word that I've started to use a *lot* lately to explain how paid, earned and owned medias must work together when creating digital strategies for big brands.   The media classification - paid, owned, earned - is a well accepted marketing framework first articulated, to my knowledge, by Forrester research's Sean Corcoran (@seancor) in his report "Defining Earned,… Continue reading Today’s digital strategies need to recognize that digital is a ecosystem

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How to develop a digital strategy – a 101 lesson for non-profits

I was recently asked to present at My Charity Connects - an annual sold out conference helping non-profits understand how to use emerging technologies for social good.  I had a tough mandate - the conference organizers had pre-sold the topic "Developing a Digital Roadmap" - intended to be an advanced topic - to which 60 people… Continue reading How to develop a digital strategy – a 101 lesson for non-profits

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Demystifying digital strategy

Often self absorbed in my own digital strategy work - I sometimes forget far I've travelled and the level of transition the advertising industry is in over digital strategy.  I've been doing digital strategy for years - though at IBM, we called it e-business strategy, then marketing strategy, then customer experience strategy & design and now, due to how broad… Continue reading Demystifying digital strategy