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Facebook Places arrives to Canada – location based drive to bricks & mortar is here

Facebook Places in Canada

Location, location, location means so much more these days – with Foursquare making a drive to retail a real thing and now with Facebook Places – launched today in Canada.

I’m pretty big fan of foursquare  – I personally like seeing where my network checks in, getting rewarded for being a mayor, rallying my coworkers for the mayorship at JWT (outgoing mayor has to by the new mayor Tim Horton’s breakfast) and  trying to get that elusive foursquare swarm badge (50 people check in at the same place, at roughly the same time). 

Its often seen as a game for goal oriented people.  But lately, I can only see Foursquare for the opportunities to stimulate social commerce – that is making a connection between location based social activity and in-store commerce. 

Social commerce is a pretty hot thing these days and I’m fortunate to have some connections that are following this stream closely.  About six weeks ago, I narrowly defined social commerce as f-commerce or selling over facebook.  But now I can see how social commerce is a broader theme – how can you use location based marketing to drive to commerce.  As anyone who has faced the old ‘how do I get social media ROI question’ (which can be answered albeit hard) – I look forward to definitely answering this with social commerce.

Facebook Places launched today in Canada.  It allows me to check in, tag friends who are with me and see where other friends are [more here].  It can clutter up my facebook wall pretty fast.   I don’t immediately see social commerce in Facebook places yet – time will tell how adopted places become.  But its definitely worth watch the US adoption rates.