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#JWT er’s all time favorite book list

JWTers around the world were asked what their all time favorite books were.  Some were submitted for their inspiration, others just fine story telling.  How many have you read?  Is there one that is missing?

Man’s Search for Meaning is one of my favorites.

Here are their answers:

Submitters County Book Title
Athens Rohinton Mistry : A fine balance
Bangalore After the Quake
Bangalore Alice in Wonderland
Bangalore Asterix Comics
Bangalore Camera Lucida
Bangalore Jorge Luis Borges writings
Bangalore Little Women
Bangalore Moderato Cantabile
Bangalore Pablo Neruda poems
Bangalore Pollyanna
Bangalore The Age of Reason
Bangalore The Last Lecture
Bangalore The Secret Garden
Bangalore The Stranger
Bangkok Any bedtime stories.. All you need is to read out loud as if you are performing the plays from these stories. Bringing out the kid inside yourselves, it’s really provoking! : )
Bangkok Stolen Harvest : the hijacking of the global food supply – by the Indian Nobel prize winner
Bangkok Wabi Sabi (The beauty of imperfection)
Bangkok The Alchemist
Bangkok “Grapefruit
Bangkok Whatever you think, think the opposite
Beirut Fable choisie
Bogota Blindness
Bogota Women who run with the wolves
Budapest American Psycho
Budapest Choke
Budapest Harmonia Caelestis
Budapest The Bible
Buenos Aires 100 años de soledad
Delhi Lonely Planet books – makes me want to travel, has an opinion on everything from sight-seeing to food to history, has hidden nuggets which other travel books don’t give you.
Delhi Roald Dahl’s childrens books – especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Delhi The Little Prince
Delhi Calvin & Hobbes
Delhi Guardian UK Culture – blog
Delhi The Pirate’s Dilemma (How Youth Culture is reinventing capitalism)
Delhi The Real Wealth of Nations (creating caring economies)
Delhi High fidelity
Delhi Norwegian Woods
Delhi The Big Short
Dublin Remains of the day
Dublin The Seven Spiritual laws of success
Dublin Timebends: A life – Arthur Miller (autobiography)
Dusseldorf Dancing Naked in the Mind Field
Dusseldorf Illusions
Dusseldorf The Metamorphosis
Ho Chi Min City  Journey to the end of the night
Ho Chi Min City 99 francs
Ho Chi Min City The easy way to quit smoking by Allen Carr
Hong Kong Essays in Love
Hong Kong How to be Good
Hong Kong King Lear – when I was a teenager, it changed the way I see this world
Hong Kong Never Let Me Go
Istanbul any book from judith krishnamurti – Very thought and soul provoking indeed
Istanbul Hungry Spirit
Istanbul Its not how good you are, its how good you want to be
Istanbul Why we buy
Jakarta The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – an insightful fiction
Jakarta When You Are Engulfed in Flames
Jakarta Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters
Jakarta, Delhi Predictably Irrational
Karachi Beowulf
Karachi Brand Sense
Karachi Interview with the Vampire
Karachi Malcolm X
Karachi Metamorphosis
Karachi Outliers
Karachi Short stories of Edgar Allen Poe
Karachi A Game of Thrones (series: A Song of Ice and Fire)
Karachi Anything by Jane Austen (especially Sense & Sensibility)
Karachi Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell
Karachi Of Human Bondage
Karachi Outlander series
Karachi The Case of Exploding Mangoes
Karachi The Stand
Karachi Wind up Girl
Karachi World War Z
London Enough – as a provocative read.
London Affluenza
London If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things
London The Consolations of Philosophy
London The Life of Pi
London The Prophet
London Slaughterhouse Five –  The book in which he was finally able to put down his experience of surviving the bombing of Dresden during WWII.  It is about a character called Billy Pilgrim who comes unstuck in time and experiences the different episodes of his life in a random order.  The scene where he watches a war film backwards is a particularly poignant comment on the human condition.
Manila Confession of Max Tivoli
Manila Ilustrado
Manila Shadow of the wind
Manila The Element
Mauritius  Perfume
Mauritius 100 years of solitude
Mauritius God of small things
Mauritius Identités meurtrières
Mauritius The unbearable lightness of being
Mauritius Un aller simple
Mexico City Linchpin,
Mexico City Purple Cow
Mexico City Any bedtime story!!! To keep the imagination working!!
Mexico City Any book to bring out the kid inside us!!
Mexico City 1984
Mexico City Blindness
Mexico City e
Mexico City El extranjero (The Stranger)
Mexico City Extension du domaine de la lutte
Mexico City Lord of the flies
Mexico City The Catcher in the Rye
Mexico City Reinventing Food
Mexico City Shot in the Heart
Mexico City The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat
Milan Emily Dickinson  – any poems
Milan Fugitive Pieces
Milan Guns, Germs and Steel
Milan Odyssey –  The best plot ever written
Milan Puer Aeternus
Milan The God of Small Things
Milan The Master and Margarita
Milan Wisława Szymborska – any poems
Milan The Power of Now
Milan Gone with the wind – (especially the fourth book, telling about the love between Aeneas and Dido).
Moscow Any book
Mumbai Ascent of man
Mumbai Deviant Marketing
Mumbai Intimacy
Mumbai Laughable Loves
Mumbai Mavericks At work
Mumbai The difficulty of being good
Mumbai Tribes
New York Enders Game
New York Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience
New York Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
Sao Paulo Les jeux sont faits
Sao Paulo Sidartha
Sao Paulo The stranger
Sao Paulo Masculine Domination
Sao Paulo Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Sao Paulo Man and Boy
Sao Paulo Musashi
Sao Paulo The Illustrated Man
Tokyo Man’s Search for Meaning – Most thought-provoking / life-changing book ever, for me
Tokyo Momo

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#NXNEi 2012 – Recap of “How to win at YouTube”

Today’s session on “How to win on YouTube” at #NXNEi 2012, was moderated by entrepreneurial @GuyGal –  one of the classiest video know-it-alls, with a kicking panel including @CoreyVidal – the guy that Guy describes as a video know-it-all, @epicmealtime ‘s @Harleyplays [who can cook up a mean turkducken filled with bacon as sampled from 2011 1MM subscriber party] [I’m the invitee that brought the TUMs] and @AlexIkonn – who has designed a life of 4 hr work weeks with

Below are my really, really quick highlights:

  • Chance – I think this was Harley who recognized that part of his success was chance.
  • Get over not liking twitter. All the social media platforms are connected and help you share your content. @harleyplays #nxnei #ljp #youtube *
  • “It’s your job as a creator to create what’s next.” @coreyvidal at the youtube @nxnei panel #ljp *
  • @nxnefest:  “Figure out who you are as a person and how you want to be portrayed.” -@coreyvidal #nxnei #ljp #youtube
  • @nxnefest: Get over not liking twitter. All the social media platforms are connected and help you share your content. @harleyplays #nxnei #ljp #youtube
  • @sarahbalta:  Do what’s authentic to your brand. “There is nothing epic about a mini.” Response from @HarleyPlays when asked to sponsor Mini Cooper #NXNEi  [this authencity and consistency message was also discussed by @alexikonn]

Also noted:

  • this idea that everything is connected and that the use of other social networks aids the distribution of videos. e.g.  @epicmealtime used their personal networks to vote up their digg, buzzfeed and other submissions.
  • that consistency is key in the delivery & development of a youtube channel.  E.g. epicmealtime is out every Tuesday – reliably.
  • that critical to the success of a channel is maintaining content focus that suits the audience you’ve built.
  • that the first video posts done by those who have had tremendous success – were sticklers for the details – the title, the description, tags chosen, etc.

Post session, I asked a panelist, @alexikonn of fame,
about the value of YouTube comments.  I often find the commentary on YouTube rather garbage-y given the often anonymous nature of users.  He said – you have to direct a question to the audience at the tail end of the video.  With no direction, the commentary will be useless but once directed, you will have valuable comments.  Great pointer there.  (the same can be said for adding context sensitive URLs ) (a.k.a. clickable URL links).  This made me think of all the brands that slap up a 30s spot on YouTube with absolutely no catering to the channel experience..

A few more thoughts on YouTube success ideas:
– if you use music, give attribution to the artist.  You will see this well done by fan made movie stories.

*Note:  its not always clear who the tweet originator is by the tool I am using.  apologies.