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Demystifying digital strategy

Often self absorbed in my own digital strategy work - I sometimes forget far I've travelled and the level of transition the advertising industry is in over digital strategy.  I've been doing digital strategy for years - though at IBM, we called it e-business strategy, then marketing strategy, then customer experience strategy & design and now, due to how broad… Continue reading Demystifying digital strategy

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Chatting up video with @guygal

@Guygal is one interesting gal's guy. Responsible for business development at Biz Media, Guy & company are quick to corner a niche in social video. i had a coffee meetup with Guy earlier this week and left with my brain excited on video.

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Early adopting Linkedin: Member no. 39,974 out of 100 million users

I received a lovely letter on March 25th from Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman of Linkedin. He wrote to personally thank the first 100, 000 linkedin members as Linkedin secured its 100th million user last week. I was member 39, 974 - in the top 0.03% (so better than top 1%) of early adopters for Linkedin. Okay - so my ego is stroked. Honestly though - its not just ego - but I feel strangely validated for having promoted Linkedin to scores and scores of colleagues over the years. Here is a copy of that letter:

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Pro-site: why build a website in this day & age?

That’s the question that I get these days – from all around me – clients, agency side, my more mobile digital friends (though they don’t frame it as a question but a statement).  This question is so prominent that I encounter folks that assume a website should not even be on the table for consideration.… Continue reading Pro-site: why build a website in this day & age?


Quora, quora – the new Q&A network

Welcome to Quora - a relatively new Q&A site experiencing quite a lot of growth this week. Imagine Linkedin's Answers meeting Twitter to produce a hybrid: real time delivery of valuable and ridiculous questions.  But questions organized by your social graph and by your interest graph - that is, questions are shown based on the… Continue reading Quora, quora – the new Q&A network