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@toysruscanada – Star Wars toys are ‘girl’ toys too. (@toysruscanada) considers 138 of their 139 Star Wars as toys for boys not girls. I think any retailer who offers an opinion on what is best suited by gender has a strong responsibility to ensure gender specific recommendations are accurate and do not uphold old stereotypes for either gender.

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What’s holding brands back from becoming social: staffing & measurement

The future of social media is in the shift from 'doing social' to 'being social'. Today - there are many owners of social media, let alone digital, within an organization.  Social media forces marketing, PR, customer service, and other departments to work together. When you get many owners of social, the business starts to understand… Continue reading What’s holding brands back from becoming social: staffing & measurement


Mourning in a social world #Jobs

I was surprised to learn of Steve Jobs passing tonight.  I  first learned of his passing from Linkedin's news update.      I quickly turned to my twitter feeds to read condolences and reflection from my digital peers.  @kenschafer, always thoughtful and real, tweeted his moment of silence (which is a tweet with no content) and I noticed many followed… Continue reading Mourning in a social world #Jobs

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@Starbucks – what if you defended your employee? #starbucksrant

A tweet from @JGoldsborough caught my eye:  a new video is hitting Youtube "The Starbucks Rant Song" by Starbucks employee, ex-employee, Chris Sizle.    This isn't the first rant that I've heard from a Starbucks employee [blog post 'To all you silly, sad caffeine addicts"], which was posted on Starbucks' Facebook page in 2009 and later removed… Continue reading @Starbucks – what if you defended your employee? #starbucksrant

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Klout topic pages – sneak peek

I noticed that Klout topic pages are active today.  Their messaging suggests I have access to a limited release though I do see them advertising topic pages on their blog.  Here are some screen shots if it is a limited release. This is a great global read on topics but additional filters are required.  I'd like to… Continue reading Klout topic pages – sneak peek

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How to be trend hunter: figuring out emerging trends

Here is a common scenario for many. A request to identify the top destinations, gadgets, trends, etc... of the day/week/season. This request begs the question - how do you figure out where people go, who the influencers are, what trends are emerging. ... some of the things I do: