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Happy Anniversary to me

WordPress' kind badge on my seven years in blogging! This blog replaced the one I left behind at IBM Canada back in 2006. IBM had a magnificent internal blogging tool - and about 1% of IBM employees were blogging. When I left IBM in 2006, I feel the pain of leaving a blog behind. I… Continue reading Happy Anniversary to me

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3 Lessons: How to Behave in Social Media During a Disaster

In a disaster, brands should "sit down and shut up" in social media

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5 quick tips on YouTube video uploads

Anyone can upload a video.  But few do it well it seems.  It is a pet peeve of mine to see a beautiful video just dumped on YouTube.. Beyond creating a video for online versus other media (which is pretty big) - one has to remember that YouTube is a search engine.  The second largest. … Continue reading 5 quick tips on YouTube video uploads

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The curve of your #FACEbook; 4 common #facebook #insight curves demystified

Here is an explanation of four common Facebook insight curves or charts. Understanding common patterns in Facebook insights will help with understanding the success of Facebook pages. This is likely of most interest to community managers or analytic geeks.

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How to write a strategy deck… Bullshit, Prove It, So What –

When I was a junior consultant at IBM - working with an ex-Kraft marketing VP and ex-Campbell's brand director - I learned the 'Bullshit, Prove It, So What' design for strategy presentations.  I've never forgotten it.  BULLSHIT - is the hypothesis line.  Prove it - is the chart, research, etc that proves or supports the… Continue reading How to write a strategy deck… Bullshit, Prove It, So What –

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#JWT er’s all time favorite book list

JWTers around the world were asked what their all time favorite books were.  Some were submitted for their inspiration, others just fine story telling.  How many have you read?  Is there one that is missing? Man's Search for Meaning is one of my favorites. Here are their answers: Submitters County Book Title Athens Rohinton Mistry… Continue reading #JWT er’s all time favorite book list