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Early adopting Linkedin: Member no. 39,974 out of 100 million users

I received a lovely letter on March 25th from Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman of Linkedin. He wrote to personally thank the first 100, 000 linkedin members as Linkedin secured its 100th million user last week. I was member 39, 974 - in the top 0.03% (so better than top 1%) of early adopters for Linkedin. Okay - so my ego is stroked. Honestly though - its not just ego - but I feel strangely validated for having promoted Linkedin to scores and scores of colleagues over the years. Here is a copy of that letter:


The death of my notebook

Ah.. I have not been prolific of late.  The cause?  My notebook completely died a fantastic death from an unidentified motherboard problem rendering my hard drive completely unrecoverable.  Damn!    Believe it or not - in my early, early career (1991), I worked at Toshiba as advanced technical support for five months.  I actually provided hardware… Continue reading The death of my notebook