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Keynote: Tim oReilly’s presentation & slides

This is required viewing for anyone passionate about web 2.0 or social media..

Sometimes you listen to a podcast or watch a video and your head starts spinning.  You can’t finish the podcast without taking copious notes, pausing to think about a business idea, and it takes a long time to finish the cast.

Tim OReilly’s Feb 20th keynote address is such a videocast.

He does an excellent job explaining web 2.0 concepts in a very easy and compelling way.   He gives a very good shakedown on how this ‘new world’ has taken shape and why it is important.  And you can see the video and get the presentation slides to boot!

Excellent fodder for sr. mgt or executives that need to educate themselves on web 2.0.


Welcome to Social Wisdom

In some respects I feel like a fraud starting up a blog on social wisdom.  Aren’t we all social beings? 

I am comfortable with the use of web technologies and leveraging social media for marketing and yet, I excitedly embrace how much the net is changing and how much there is to explore.  This blog will capture this enthusiasm.

[pre-April 2009 – imported some biz related posts from my other blogs]