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Measuring non-profit contribution: @JaimeStein ‘s impact on #Climb4Cord

Jaime Stein represents a new breed of non-profit campaign contributors - one whose efforts can be easily hidden by traditional fundraising measurements. A 2013 Case Study in Non-profit fundraising [or should we call it contribution raising?] @JaimeStein is deeply involved in #Climb4Cord; a fundraising event where a select group of executives climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds… Continue reading Measuring non-profit contribution: @JaimeStein ‘s impact on #Climb4Cord

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The curve of your #FACEbook; 4 common #facebook #insight curves demystified

Here is an explanation of four common Facebook insight curves or charts. Understanding common patterns in Facebook insights will help with understanding the success of Facebook pages. This is likely of most interest to community managers or analytic geeks.

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Recap on @Avinash: Influence, experience and value #Google ‘s #ThinkPerformance

Today's Google #ThinkPerformance in Toronto offered a wonderful line-up of trailbrazers. One of my favorite speakers +Avinash Kaushik delights the audience with a review of Canadiana and in depth perspective on influence, experience and value.

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What’s holding brands back from becoming social: staffing & measurement

The future of social media is in the shift from 'doing social' to 'being social'. Today - there are many owners of social media, let alone digital, within an organization.  Social media forces marketing, PR, customer service, and other departments to work together. When you get many owners of social, the business starts to understand… Continue reading What’s holding brands back from becoming social: staffing & measurement

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Don’t be impulsive on the impulse for social media

I've had a series of interesting meetings in the last few weeks with rather large organizations - belonging to three different industries including health care, big ticket consumer goods and, an old favorite, home building (condominium development/real estate).   And although the needs were different, there was a common veil and almost desperation to do something… Continue reading Don’t be impulsive on the impulse for social media

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The blogging contest that almost killed my Christmas

I recently competed in an international blogging contest in Dec 2009. Truth be told... by entering an international blogging contest during year end with the Community Marketing Blog - called Blog Off II or #blogoff , I wasn't aiming for gold so much as I wanted to gain greater insight into what makes for a better blog and how would people determine a best of breed blogger. Here are my worthy lessons: