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Today’s top youtube video – non-profit section

Ted – a homeless man holds a sign telling people he has god’s gift of voice and seeks a radio position.  A person conducts a video interview – carside, posts it and in less than 72 hours – it has received 130K+ views and importantly, almost 20K comments – making it the 15th most popular youtube video today and no. 1 in the non-profit / activism category.

I bet we will see more of Ted in the media.

Advertisements, meme, twitter takes over Digg in identifying hot news

TechCrunch writes about overtaking Digg.  Great reading. is a URL shortener used for twitter.   As you are likely aware, twitter only takes 140 characters so shortening URLs is used quite often in twitter.

Digg on the other hand, is a very web 2.0ish news service where by the readers rank the popularity and importance of a news article.   [incidentily, internet user ‘ranking’ is a key feature in consumer contributed information – one that will increase its presence on sites].

In days of old (which means two years ago) Digg had an ability to identify news of growing importance.  Yet with the exponential growth of twitter and the subsequent use of to shorten urls, has overtaken Digg in identifying top trends.

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Domino’s unlikely lesson for employees

I’ve been thinking about the Domino’s pizza issue.  Surely to god thirty somethings understand the power of youtube and mass audiences.   And yet, like winning a lottery, I’m sure both Micheal and Kristy, the two Domino’s employees who released the gross pizza videos on youtube, never imagined their little video would get such a large audience (and $7,500 bail out, and lawsuit pending and maybe difficult employment for a good 10 years).   

A lot of folks have written about the marketing lessons for Domino’s  – the same old ‘you must listen and act on the conversations’ (which I subscribe to) and yet, there is a major policy & procedural lesson here for companies and employee alike.   I wonder what kind of company wide acknowledgement Domino’s had that social medias will be used by employees and that there should be guidelines around the use of social media.  Of course, I’m sure blogging guidelines wouldn’t have stopped a stupid pizza prank but I am left wondering how many companies acknoweldge what is common activity for their employees.

On the employee side – knowledge about their impact on the customer experience and brand reputation in the 2010s should be a part of employee onboarding.

Sometimes I think news must be pretty slow for news agencies to pick up on such a lame story and yet, the impact of this video is stunning – tons of customers have reportedly called into Domino’s since and sales.. it would be interesting to understand sales impact in that town, region, etc.   The videos bring question into quality control, employee training, morale, food safety.


Domino’s – the unexpected conversation

Domino’s brand is fighting for its life this week after two employees released a youtube video – graphic, gross and absolutely damaging to the brand.  Perhaps they didn’t expect the wave of attention, perhaps they intentionally created something they hoped would be a hit.  But both the employees and the entire company franchise is in hot water now.

Again – the need to listen and monitor the real time brand conversation is hitting home this week.  Domino’s did not take the situation seriously nor do they understand how to properly record a response online.

There are very easy ways to listen to the conversation – I will outline this when kids aren’t calling.