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Today’s top youtube video – non-profit section

Ted - a homeless man holds a sign telling people he has god's gift of voice and seeks a radio position.  A person conducts a video interview - carside, posts it and in less than 72 hours - it has received 130K+ views and importantly, almost 20K comments - making it the 15th most popular… Continue reading Today’s top youtube video – non-profit section, meme, twitter takes over Digg in identifying hot news

TechCrunch writes about overtaking Digg.  Great reading. is a URL shortener used for twitter.   As you are likely aware, twitter only takes 140 characters so shortening URLs is used quite often in twitter. Digg on the other hand, is a very web 2.0ish news service where by the readers rank the popularity and… Continue reading takes over Digg in identifying hot news

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Domino’s unlikely lesson for employees

I've been thinking about the Domino's pizza issue.  Surely to god thirty somethings understand the power of youtube and mass audiences.   And yet, like winning a lottery, I'm sure both Micheal and Kristy, the two Domino's employees who released the gross pizza videos on youtube, never imagined their little video would get such a large audience… Continue reading Domino’s unlikely lesson for employees


Domino’s – the unexpected conversation

Domino's brand is fighting for its life this week after two employees released a youtube video - graphic, gross and absolutely damaging to the brand.  Perhaps they didn't expect the wave of attention, perhaps they intentionally created something they hoped would be a hit.  But both the employees and the entire company franchise is in hot water… Continue reading Domino’s – the unexpected conversation