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Keynote: Tim oReilly’s presentation & slides

This is required viewing for anyone passionate about web 2.0 or social media.. Sometimes you listen to a podcast or watch a video and your head starts spinning.  You can't finish the podcast without taking copious notes, pausing to think about a business idea, and it takes a long time to finish the cast. Tim… Continue reading Keynote: Tim oReilly’s presentation & slides

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Measuring for social media

Saw a very interesting discussion on linkedin today.     A project manager asks:  "What are the top 10 metrics for a social media site? I am the project mgr for a company's new social media platform." Great question!  And indicative that social media metrics still need some defining and that common web based metrics (which are still indicators of… Continue reading Measuring for social media

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Sharing your blog: Getsocial tool for wordpress.com bloggers

Hillel Stoler has a neat, free tool for wordpress bloggers - who host their blog on wordpress.com - get it here.   Hillel has created an easy to use wizard that generates the html code required to add "add this" links for sharing your blog or posts to technorati, digg or other sites.   This saves the bother from figuring out… Continue reading Sharing your blog: Getsocial tool for wordpress.com bloggers

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Cheap & easy website – wordpress

I love blogs and their ability to web enable individuals or small budding businesses.  I thought I'd share a simple formula for setting up your own domained website from scratch!  Here is what I've done: Register a domain with godaddy.com (or other provider) Host a blog on wordpress (or on your own web server) Get a… Continue reading Cheap & easy website – wordpress