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Social recruiting 2.0 – the pains of a new time

I had a fantastic coffee with Hugh Munro, of  H. Munro Associates. Hugh brought a wonderful inside perspective on how recruiters segment and think about job candidates, how the industry works (past) and how social media will be impacting how companies hire executives in the future. Hugh has an extensive background from Southam, IQ parters… Continue reading Social recruiting 2.0 – the pains of a new time

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Eureka! A place for blogs

I've been struggling since joining GG on how to introduce web2.0.  Truthfully, there are so many other e-business opportunities that I can't just start at web 2.0 without web 1.0.. OR CAN I?   My sister company in the US launched a blog and I had to slap my forehead.  While I respect their intiative and… Continue reading Eureka! A place for blogs