RAPIDLY SHIFTING PUBLIC OPINION shaped by global news stories, key opinion leaders, misinformation or disinformation which in turn influences the preferences and ultimately the purchase behaviors of people worldwide.   


MANY STRUGGLE WITH POOR OR DATED SOURCES OF DATA despite the explosion in real time global public commentary, media coverage, patent registrations, clinical trials announcements, usage & format discussions, major acquisitions, partnerships, forum discussions, product ratings & reviews, long form content and growing consumer inquiry.


As a result, we see

BRANDS NOT CAPITALIZING on INSIGHT RICH DATA  because it is in a format most do not understand.  As a result, companies lack consumer insight, rely on the same data sources or rely on the inherent bias found in algorithmically prioritized information leaving people with incomplete and inaccurate views of the world.  Large quant studies, while valued, in some cases are not conducted frequently enough to keep pace with the market changes.