I was lucky enough to attend @TwitterCanada’s #OneTweetYear birthday celebration last night and really enjoyed the twitter activated t-shirt vending machine dispensing by @wonderMakr.  It was quite the focal point at the beginning of the evening – a great photo of it in action by @JamesClarkeCA (below).   See more photos with @wonderMakr who captured many @TwitterCanada celebration photos.

Here is how it worked – first you had to follow @TwitterCanada, then using a series of hashtags – you had to tweet to a message containing #OneTweetYear #special_4_digit_code_from_pushing_a_button_on_the_machine and #W1 (a code related to the tshirt size that you wanted -codes displayed internally in the vending machine.)

I was equally lucky to meet (IRL) Mark Stewart – managing director @wonderMakr – as we talked about the rise in #trendingvending innovations we saw at SXSW 2014.  Like the Benefit cosmetics’ vending machine in the Austin (or was it Dallas?) airport.

Certainly, @Oreo’s fantastic innovations come up – not just the #eatthetweet 3D printed oreos but also the lesser known partnership with WeChat and a mobile operated vending machine.  Read more in Fast Company.

Suffice to say the vending machine re-emergence is well noted!