I’ve not been publishing posts lately.  In part of my busy schedule, the maturing of my role, the dedication to my family time.  But also, my vigilance to not share what #agencylife can not be shared.  It concerns me to share too much.

This past Friday was a PA day – and I was asked if my kids would join in some field work.   I’ve long admired @mszego – my former boss of integrated strategy.  One of the things that @mszego always encouraged was the importance of getting personally connected to a category.  This doesn’t generate a focus group of one – just the opposite.  It opens our minds to the possibilities of the category.

Anyhow – here is my thank you letter to the amazing planning team at the agency that welcomed my kids this past Friday.  It is raw, heartfelt and interesting in its own right as a window into a working mom’s soul.

There are times, as a working mother, that I feel like I just can’t keep up to the stay at homes.   Choosing to work over staying at home is a decision you might know is right but often feels painful.

I can’t make paper mache pinatas, I don’t send personalized family portrait holiday card ornaments, I can’t even sew my daughters brownie badges on her brownie strap.  I’m a bad day time volunteer for my kids’ school pizza day – having stood up the school three times last year.

But I was quite certain this past Friday – that I was a mom who rocked both in my eyes and my kids eyes.

Who else could offer their kids focus group experience [doing xxxx], then a pizza movie and gifts.  Where else could my daughter run the halls with a little friend and my son terrorize the 3rd floor …  [judgement aside please –  They have received a taste of my working work – work, inspiration, energy, my coworkers and the environment.  I know they will remember this for a long time.]

For this, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You have balanced the scales for me.

2 thoughts on “What a working mom can offer to her kids

  1. Amazing! Thanks for sharing a bit of your company culture and baring a little bit of your imperfections. Your family, and by extension, yourself, are lucky to have each other.

  2. Why do you think you need to keep up with the stay-at-homes? You’re doing well by your kids – they’re happy and healthy and that’s all that’s important.

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