For the first time since I’ve started in social media (2006), I caught wind of a news event from Google +, not from tv, nor twitter.  And this was real time news.

I’ve been following @sarahMidMO, a news buoy for KOMU-TV, from Columbia, MO for 1/2 a yr now.   She is a leader in the integration of Google + hang-outs as part of her regular news delivery.  To watch her integration is to learn about how the tool can be leveraged for business.

Last night Sarah was preparing for a hang-out on air from @jfdesmarais , a journalist from Montreal and in the thick of the Montreal protest, providing a live cam into last nights march.   A hang-out is essentially a video conference call among 10 people.  A hang-out-on-air [or ‘onAir Hang-out] is a live video conference with the ability for many people to view it, but still only 10 can be apart of the live broadcast.  The comment functionality works for all.

I  joined the hang-out on air and particularly enjoyed three minutes into @jfdesmarais’  broadcast, where he gives a great summary of what the Montreal student protest is about.

Meanwhile, because I understand French, I could quickly understand what the hashtag was that he described [#manifencours – which is short for ‘manifestation en cour’].   I could add that to the comment line – while Sarah interviewed.  Then, I could find the event on twitter – translate other comments and fed it to my twitter stream / hangout comments.

@sarahMidMO recapped the broadcast  – and some comments are emerging about the option of hang-outs are aiding in broadcast.   Joshua Barkdull comments – “I have been saying since G+ was in Beta that Hangouts real power was in citizen journalism.”  or Ron Watson [@PawsitiveVybe ] who comments “I think hangouts and the entire Google suite of apps is highly disruptive.”.

Comments go further to discuss the avent of mobile broadcasting.   As Sarah comments “we are all anxious to have mobile OnAir Hangouts as another tool in a journalist’s toolbox.”   

It is quite worth singling out early enterprise adopters to just watch how they use new tools.  Admittedly, I have Sarah Hill and a few other Google + early adopters [I follow the Google circle]  in their own circle so that I can watch how she uses the platform.    This is much like how I watched @cammipham and her use of Hashable, or lately her style in delivering the #RBCchat.

[credit for headline “a powerful tool for immediate stories” goes to @michaeltuckertv]