I was surprised to learn of Steve Jobs passing tonight.  I  first learned of his passing from Linkedin’s news update. 



I quickly turned to my twitter feeds to read condolences and reflection from my digital peers.  @kenschafer, always thoughtful and real, tweeted his moment of silence (which is a tweet with no content) and I noticed many followed suit.  Others have changed their profile pictures to Steve Job’s image – a quiet tribute. 

Apple.com has paid tribute as @lpgeffen said showing us that Apple was never about the technology but always about people.




Google has been quick to respond with a conservative mention below a plain google doogle.




And China’s Sina Wiebo – twitter like microblogging site – is paying tribute.



My twitter client (tweetdeck) crashed this evening.  The public outpouring was too frequent for the client to handle.  Fitting I think.