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Here is a common scenario for many.   A request to identify the top destinations, gadgets, trends, etc… of the day/week/season.   This request begs the question – how do you figure out where people go, who the influencers are, what trends are emerging.   The answer takes quite a lot of time and research.  Nothing is without significant human time investment – no one tool will pump out the answer. 

My challenge in these requests is that sometimes folks can have false expectations on how long it takes to definitively come up with some answers.  Presenting the storyline takes even longer.

In a quest like this – I always ground my work into a consumer segment, then turn to multiple sources.  I am quite grateful to be well equiped and supported by good tools in my current role. 

I’m simplifying this task a bit but some of the things I do: 

  • understand which sites yield large digital audiences for specific segments, as well as growth patterns over time.  (tool = comscore)
  • understand site cross visitation for the brand, its competitors or what lens you need (tool = comscore)
  • use social listening, like Sysomos, to identify where conversations are taking places and to a certain degree, what key conversations are emerging. 
  • drill down to sources of authority and manually search for the key conversations to gain better depth on conversations. 
  • look at how this marries up to other sources such as ones that highlight consumer behaviour trends
  • if you are lucky, compare to primary research! 
  • if you are lucky, compare to decent secondary research (google insights, pew american life, etc)

To me, it is a rather fun strategy exercise.  A bit like playing tetris really.. putting the pieces together as they fall.

2 thoughts on “How to be trend hunter: figuring out emerging trends

  1. It’s so true that figuring out trends and next steps is much more than just looking at some raw numbers. It takes a lot of time and a human mind that look at all the different pieces of a puzzle and then put them all together to form one cohesive picture. It’s sometimes a daunting task, but the feeling of figuring it all out is totally worth it.
    Glad to hear that you use Sysomos to aide you in your puzzle solving!

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

    1. Ah Sheldon – you are just so darn impressive. I figured you’d catch this post but your speed, even with sysomos toolset, is impressive.

      Sysomos (and its taken me a year to spell it properly) – is a great starting point that speeds up what could take days. It does take hours and hours, like any good research too, to add a lens to what you see. I’m enjoying some of the new functionality – added & discovered.

      Hey – I could be the new Sysomos advocate – I love it, use it but also have healthy dissatisfaction which helps introduce ideas on what future utility I want to see e.g. history & growth over time, (not just compare too but something that shows better trending over time vs. me plugging into two or three opposing time periods) etc..

      Thanks for ‘stopping by’ as they say.

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