This is soooo cheating.. and  I was live tweeting from an evening with Empire Avenue’s founder @Dups – and here is my quick recap.

#empireave is a fantasy stock game where, at its simplest, people trade their friends but also people can find interest communities, connection and become motivated to increase their own social media content. 

I think this game will drive up usage of social networks and generate a *lot* of new information on regional social media usage since it links more social media networks than other platforms.

My tweets:

Buy is the new like reads #empireave founders tshirt at #eave #eaveto night

#eave starting. @RLavigne42 will post evening on YouTube

#empireave – we forgot to add date of join (@ajenkins prompts founder). #eave

our goal – we see value in every person – even at $7.75 (lowest $ stock value) says @dups founder of #empireave, facilitated by @RLavigne42
@dups Not about buying and selling friends – it’s about allowing people to find value. #empireave #eave
#empireave dividends designed – the more value you create, the higher the dividends. Dividends is the discovery engine for finding peeps
I’m tweeting live for #empireave #eave chat with @dups hosted by @RLavigne42 Follow hashtag (and white rabbit)
@dups– games have a 2-6 week life span. If your app lives past that then value is outside gaming #eave #empireave
as @dups speaks – I am struck by his focus on value not influence #empireave #eave
Our score is created in game mechanics to drive social says @dups #empireave #eave
@dups confirms #foursquare is next for #empireave #eave integration. And they are committed to adding all social that have API
Two levels within game – share price value and wealth aspect #empireave #eave
@dups knows if #empireave has displeased if peeps off is if peeps sell his #empireave #eave stock.
@dups #empireave today is not what was planned. Founders had to understd why players were so active and how to design to this #eave
Bloody hell. I’m driving up @dups stock and didn’t buy on #empireave #eave ( mentions value?)
thx to u both “@RLavigne42: @dups was a great night to say the least. thanks so much for your valuable time and contagious energy”
Last note.. did you know that Empire Ave is a street in Newfoundland.  St. John I think.

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  1. @Ldillonschalk In Toronto Riverside, I live one block west of Empire Avenue. (It’s a short street, south of the Jimmy Simpson Rec Centre).

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