Mobile payments have emerged!  Tonight Starbucks announces mobile payments will be available “nationwide”.  as announced through my preferred online news source – Mashable.

Starbucks is allowing a bar code scan from the phone – which is commonly using in the airline business to check in at the gate for flights.  Importantly this is not using NFC – near field communications (a technology I’m still learning about.)  I will be interested in seeing what levels of adoption Starbucks experiences and I would love to understand the costs at retail (new POS or technology in field) and what the payback / ROI would be.  Of course, this isn’t all about payback – its about innovation and testing a payment option that is most certainly coming down to retailers near you.

As a side note – I tweeted Starbucks about their announcement “pay with your phone nationwide”.  God loves Starbucks social media efforts but I often catch them tweeting like the world lives in America.   Facebook wall announcements used to be un-geo targetted, if that is a word, and I would get invitations to try ice cream at a Starbucks near me.  Anyhow – there is a real person at the end of the twitter stream – here are their comments (okay – mostly mine).

Note:  my still love you and others tweet.  I get apprehensive about suggesting monogamy with coffee retailers.  Truth is as a real coffee nut, I am anything but monogamous.   So I can really get into a deep conversation around coffee and various coffee shops.  Starbucks is the best espresso based coffee (read peppermint mocha) but the grind coffee isn’t up to local dark horse/red rocket like local coffee shops and the food isn’t quite there yet.  Tims, of course, is deserved of attention – fresh coffee, chili, plain donut, apple fritter (especially when they were knobby big) and chili – and that a box of timbits will make my kids do a lot.