Welcome to Quora – a relatively new Q&A site experiencing quite a lot of growth this week.

Imagine Linkedin’s Answers meeting Twitter to produce a hybrid: real time delivery of valuable and ridiculous questions.  But questions organized by your social graph and by your interest graph – that is, questions are shown based on the folks you are following as well as the topics you choose to follow.  Quora - the new Q&A site

I joined Quora on Tuesday after seeing Andrew Jenkin’s @ajenkins tweet.   (who is, once again, ahead of the curve).  Much like a twitter wormhole – I’ve been sucked in on some pretty quality questions such as Is Radian6 worth the money? or What do branding agencies look for in strategist roles? [I can’t direct link as you have to authenticate into Quora]

What makes Quora particularly fun & interesting this week is that many of the social media ‘greats’ are also discovering Quora at the same time – so you can end up actually having some good conversation and probably a reasonable chance that your answer is read by these social media guru types – for this week anyways.   I don’t think I’m social star struck but do wish I could have a decent coffee with some of these folks.  Let’s face it – its a lottery for a Brian Solis to notice your tweet among his five digit following.

Certainly, I am welcoming the >140 characters to read up and provide more depth on topics I’m interested in.

Quora is something watch.  The navigation and search are poor but most of the questions are pretty good.