I’m exploring the science of sharing lately – that is what to do to absolutely maximize the sharing (conversion) of your material – this cuts across facebook, twitter and youtube.

Some quick observations that I’ve made:


  1. Keep your tweets below 110 characters so that re-tweeting RT is easier to do.
  2. Do your follow Fridays early in the day – not late on Friday – since those you #FF are more likely to retweet you.
  3. Consider your audience and the time of your tweets.  I get a lot of replies and RTs early in the morning and late at night.  Lots of great studies on the best time for tweeting.
  4. Use hashtags.    I put hashtags in my profile description!  Some hashtags are autopicked up and retweeted like #toronto.  Additionally – for us campaign or event tweeters – here is a great blog post by Amanda Miller Littlejohn that I’ve come across that gives tips on using hashtags.  My experience (see Lessons for live social media coverage) are that you can not always pick your hashtag – but if you can seed it and it sticks then Amanda’s tips go a long way to making your hashtag more effective


  1. On Facebook – instead of adding a picture, add a blog post with the picture.  This gives you a better use of the wall post real estate as pictures end up leaving a lot of dead white space and blogs allow more content sharing around the photo.
  2. On Facebook – if posting a video to your wall, be sure to add a comment including the run time of your video – again using the real estate on the website to your advantage.   I would say that Facebook itself (the fan pages for any official Facebook page) demonstrate best practices on wall posting for videos & blogs.
  3. On Facebook – in your wall posted videos – add an embedded link back to your facebook page.


  1. Use the Youtube player to share, if you can.  All the sharing is built into the player.
  2. In your videos for youtube – try not to have the video die a slow death e.g. black out to a long standing logo with a run time of more than a couple seconds or else viewers will skip off before ending the viewing of your video.  Its at the end of the video that the sharing features appear.

Beyond these specific tips – I’ve been working with JWT Minneapolis on the measurement of sharing – how many visitors are generated by each social media tool.  How can we position and content encourage the most sharing.  Its a science that I still have much research to do.

I welcome your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “The science of sharing

  1. So.. I have to confess – I did this blog post up really quickly as I was testing to see if Facebook pulls my self identified blog excerpt or if it pulls the first paragraphs of the post (it pulls the first paragraph of the post) (linkedin pulls the excerpt). But Guy Kawaskaki’s Enchantment facebook fan page shared the blog post – so then, after getting a rush of visits – I thought I should add more detail to this post. Thus – here it is again.

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