There is a new kind of home page and its not where you’d expect – check out the best new facebook landing pages that introduce mashups of corporate social presence, address audience segmentation, and are as rigourous as any home page you’d see on a corporate website.

American Red Cross is my new favorite page.  

The landing page is the default for first time visitors, after which, on repeat visits, you end up on the wall post page.  [I didn’t know you could set cookies on facebook].    This page is definitely informed by an information architect/usability specialist  – see the top utility menu and e-mail prompt for alerts, clear alignment, great labelling, rss news feed capabilities, maps, integration of other social medias – clearly making all the digital assets work very hard, very integrated all on one page.

Strategically – this is an exceptional play.   Facebook continues to capture a large portion of internet time away from the long tail of the web [that is – all other websites including most corporation’s branded sites]. With the decentalization of the net, companies with strong facebook assets have ample opportunity to create hard working facebook pages to meet their customers where their customers spend the most time.

Understand the facebook consumer behaviour: If, when a visitor comes to a facebook fan page landing page instead of the traditional ‘wall post’ landing page – they will often go to the wall page anyways. The wall post page is, after all, the heart of company led and consumer led conversation fused together. And so – to introduce a landing page default can make for a more effective use of a visitor impression.

Now make that landing page a home page like American Red Cross.

I haven’t seen this in Canada yet – but noted that Coca Cola has something similar.