I’ve had a series of interesting meetings in the last few weeks with rather large organizations – belonging to three different industries including health care, big ticket consumer goods and, an old favorite, home building (condominium development/real estate).   And although the needs were different, there was a common veil and almost desperation to do something in social media.

In all three meetings the marketing leadership knew that social media was upon them and was required in their marketing planning.  And yet, there was no real understanding of where to start or what to budget – and sometimes, what questions to ask.

I’ve had past clients assume that step one would be setting up a corporate facebook fan page – which is not always the case.  Before rushing in.. I always like to start with tried and true…. for instance

  • what are your business and marketing objectives and how does digital feed them (which is often my question to answer)
  • what are your target markets, their needs, wants and behaviours?
  • What loyal and sizable networks exist today that need a place for loyalty (and so potentially for social networking)?
  • What pain points exist in your customer experience?  What creates churn and loyalty in that experience?
  • How well are your current digital efforts serving you? (which leads to analytics and performance evaluation)

There is more to do than what I suggest above as I haven’t touched on organizational readiness nor a technology tool set review.  But importantly, I do advise not to jump to social media vehicle selection before understand what goals are to be achieved.    Its a wild west out there – and strategy has to lead.

One thought on “Don’t be impulsive on the impulse for social media

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