With 6.5 million fans, Vin Diesel comes third only after a pop icon and the president of the US.   Yup – Vin Diesel.  And I never thought I’d write something to the tune of ‘everything we need to know we can learn from Vin Diesel’ article.

I reported on the top five fan pages just a while back and I couldn’t believe that Vin Diesel was no. 3.    What – when did that happen?   I’ve always like Vin Diesel after seeing xxx but I would not figured he would surpass all other celebrities, actors, etc. in facebook fans.

vin dieselWell after becoming a fan myself – I can see.  He is doing the writing and he is authentic and responsive.   I really do think he is doing the writing.   He is really reaching his long tail of enthusiasts and updating them on movie scripts,  and sequels.  Whats more is he is engaging – he invites people to submit photos, he adds personal photos of his lunch with his father, and adds notes under every photo.

His pages are digested.   Proof?  He updates a fan about the next Riddick script coming in on the weekend and getting 15, 637 likes (and counting).  Notice how he knows how to write the post so you have to click ‘read more’ to get the big news?

When we think about how to write for social media – he really exemplifies a lot.    Open ended questions, suggestions on how to contribute, personal & authentic voice, and lots of responses to inquiries and popular requests.   Pretty neat.