Forrester’s spending forecast for web 2.0 tools is out .   Big business is expected to spend heavy on social networking tools among social medias – calling enterprise 2.0 a $4.6 billion dollar industry by 2013.

forecast growth of web2 spendWhat I’ve started to observe in Canada is that these internal social networking or collaboration/community tools are mostly IT initiatives with, I’m guessing, moderate to strong executive support.

A big problem brewing for big business is that the IT departments as masters of the social networking tool implementation, are then charged with securing adoption.

And yet, changing behaviours and securing adoption are not traditional IT skills — they are marketing skills.   And so big business will need to employ good marketers to create the internal change required to maximize the use of these tools.

I see great opportunity for marketers who understand technology well and can fit themselves between the IT department and the stakeholders they serve.

Back to the research – the small widget growth surprises me but perhaps this is an indication of pricing & costs and not adoption of widgets themselves.  When I think of widgets  – I think of the growth of iphone or facebook applications.   I see great opportunities in this space and a need for the modern agency to retain programmer talent in this area.

See ZD net’s article on Forresters report.

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