A few tips about managing corporate facebook fan pages. I’ve been burning the candle on the  social media marketing for BuskerFest and so forgive the bullets & short sentences.

Follow your social network’s blog. The features and functionality for all social networks are changing quickly and without notice. I definitely notice more emphasis on agile development, that is releasing new features as they are developed, rather than waiting for a magic moment in time for a major upgrade release.   By following the facebook or linkedin blog – you get an update about new features (much like wordpress does) so you are not caught off guard (which I’ve experienced with linkedin evolving contact management (tagging) and facebook’s limited profile).

Social assets can not all come from corporate. The greatest thing I’ve done with BuskerFest is create a volunteer social media team full of young creators.  They truly prove the ‘wisdom of crowds’ (and power of productivity) and have created assets that I could not easily deliver – a song for BuskerFest, a slideshow on Epilepsy, customized google maps, listings of all pr coverage, and importantly, conversation.

Add applications to facebook for richer experiences. I know what the agency of the future will look like.  Talent will need to be able to source or develop applications for facebook, iphones, twitter, etc.   Here is a great source of apps for facebook by Involver. I recommend adding the twitter one.

Yes, you can change the order of your facebook tabs. It may not be obvious but you can drag and drop tabs around so long as the wall and info remain the first two.

Groups = not so good, Pages = great. Avoid sunk costs – try to migrate groups to pages and then focus on pages.  I wrote about this in the past.

Scope your effort carefully, social networks take a *lot* of management and engagement. If you have an internal audience, you *might* be able to manage a twelve hour day but with external domestic or global customers, the work easily slides to round the clock.  Some of my best discussions occur in the middle of the night.  Pages need multiple admins.

– Where possible – use bit.ly or other URL shorteners for adding links in Facebook.  This provides some metrics whereas the full URL does not.

Facebook metrics are not that great. I would love google analytics type metrics with historical tracking on fan page growth.   I have lots of thoughts on annoying Facebook practices – being an admin,  I can’t comment on my page as an individual.  I find editing pages, account settings, adding new admins not very intuitive in Facebook.

– Yes – you can get a vanity URL for facebook despite claims you can’t.  Damned if I can remember how.

That’s it for now.   Hope that helps y’all.  I welcome your thoughts and experiences.

7 thoughts on “Tips on managing corporate Facebook pages

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Congrats on the BuskerFest deal. I just recently started a Facebook group for my company and was dismayed (but appreciative) to learn that I made the mistake of started a Group and not a Page.


    But… lesson learned, and I will be setting up the page asap.



    1. Chris,
      I hear the pain in your comment! Did you stand up and say ‘shizen kookens’? (shit cookies in german.. god knows how to spell it).

      I really don’t think Facebook makes it easy for people to distinguish between groups and pages. Do set up the page – its a sunk cost on the group – but you can migrate some of them. Maintain both for a while and then sunset the group!

      Thanks for sharing – I’ll look up your group er page!

  2. This is great information. I really appreciate it! I am in a situation where I have a company blog to update, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Forum. What can take a lot of time is having to refresh Facebook often to keep discussions going. Do you know of any applications that can really help with managing a facebook page without having to be on Facebook?

    Time management can be really key for social networkers!

    1. Dave – thank you for your lovely comments! Sounds like you are the chief socialite at your company. Agreed that Facebook needs a lot of refreshing (at least it does not mess up the metrics like any google based app like maps or like youtube) (and that is because there ARE NO metrics yet for anonymous facebook traffic – which I’m told will change but when I don’t know).

      Back to your comment – I do not know of any application that allows page management. There are applications that allow wall posting and reading – but this excludes too much. I also find to manage a facebook page – administrators have to act like users. In other words – the tools are poor – you have to go into discussions, videos and each tab and moderate. I also found that changing the profile photo is not in the same place as editing info, as editing other things – so there is a lot to remember in administration. And my biggest beef is the lost of my personal identity when I manage a corporate facebook page.

      As a follow up, I’ve added your question to @theadb – Andrew David Blair who runs Bubbulo.us – who is also a very interesting cat worth following. Let me know if you discover something.
      I’m at @ldillonschalk. Let me know your twitter handle. I’m assuming your company blog is photobiz.com?

      thanks again.

      Time mgt is key – and time boxing to set expectations client or internal.

  3. I can’t write on publisher in facebook.I hit “remove” at the wrong time and have not been able to write in publisher since.I can’t get help ANYWHERE Could you help me, to get write on my publisher in facebook????PLEASE I don’t know what URL is, where to find it,nor what it does… etc..

    1. June –
      Apologies for the delayed response – I was truly off during the holidays!
      What do you mean by publisher on Facebook. Are you the administrator for a facebook corporate page or are you referring to a personal page.

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