I just finished another course teaching social media to job searchers in downtown Toronto. The attendees were wonderfully diverse both in careers, interests, and backgrounds – so representative of diversity Toronto. I felt honoured to be in a room sharing with individuals so rich in experience. I really think I should add a coffee social afterward as I just wanted to share in their excitement… hmm. note to self!

As an indication of how heavily demanded this learning is, the course was signed up overcapacity (again!) at 35 individuals and ten more on the waiting list. (the room was small and so very hot). One of the nicest things said to me at the beginning of the course was from Eddie who grabbed my hand in hello and said “I’ve been looking forward to this ALL month”. And I believed him. What faith!

I mean to upload my current presentation and tools in my linkedin profile (coming!) and still – I wanted to share a very neat video link to anyone drifting through..

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. I must say this was an extraordinary session; a huge success with our clients who are jobseekers from diverse backgrounds. Laurie interacts extremely well with the audience and is very knowledgeable on the topic. There was great energy in the room and clients remarked how they realized the importance of social media in their job search and career growth. Very good use of time
    Yes, we were limited by capacity of the room. I feel bad for those people who were not able to get in. May be we can have a webinar on this topic.

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