Okay – so its no Susan Boyle video (in reality content nor growth) – but Air New Zealand has taken the air flight safety video up a big notch with its body painted staff giving a revised safety video.

I’m certain any customer experience mapping (a.ka. figuring out the customer interactions including the boring painful interactions of in flight experiences) would uncover some issues around air flight safety explanations – so it is interesting to see Air New Zealand take this experience up a notch.

Interestingly,  Air NZ are doing a great job of reusing content assets by uploading to youtube and allowing some viral eyeballs from youtube.     How many times have I tried to get my own companies to think about the reuse of assets online.  I’m not suggesting posting print grocery flyers online in pdf format  (egad – does that actually work?) but using youtube for video is a fantastic reuse.

I’m happy for the body painter that Air NZ is exposing (excuse the pun) the video outside of those who fly Air NZ.