What really floors me about the whole Twilight craze are the amazing fan made online youtube trailors that have emerged.   Fans use knowledge of the plots from the four Twilight books to create their own trailors using the first movie, adding headers and video clips that support the storyline.  Only one movie has been made with another due in November 2009 and yet, the fans have made trailors for all books and more.  It is just amazing to see the talent and effort put into this! 

Check out Tiffany666’s version of the upcoming New Moon (book 2) movie (above).  For comparison, the official trailor is here.  She was rated no. 1 fan made video, gathering over 778K views on youtube earning a five star rating from 2,611 people.   It is unfortunate that the official movie site is rather plain with no acknowledgement of the fan made activity but this is also appropriate as the site does give focus and spotlight to the movie with no chance of confusion.

According to boxoffice mojo, Twilight is among the top ten grossing movies in the last 52 weeks, grossing over $382 million worldwide off a production budget of $37 million.

Okay.. now if you’ve seen the movie, then for fun.. watch this one