Twitter Surges Past Digg, LinkedIn, And With 32 Million Global Visitors  [article by Tech Crunch – note the very interesting end notes with the funding per venture]

comscore graph

This is a very interesting graph showing twitters global visitor count just exploding past digg and linkedin.    The article linked above acknowledges that the visitors count includes only and does not capture tweets from other apps and devices.

I’m wondering where this will settle.  I like twitter and I really hope there is a bit more consolidation in the twitter universe.  There are tons of twitter tools – none of which are integrated (from a marketing perspective) into   Perhaps I speak too soon but it has been a bit of self discovery to find the various tools.

When Shake n’Bake’s Perfect Potatoes were launched, sales took a very similar hockey stick look.  Many who tried Shake n’ Bake picked up a box of Perfect Potatoes.  With the sales going thru the roof, production was ramped up, sales to grocers increased and store displays built.  The problem was, however, that many people who tried PP didn’t buy a second box.  When I joined the brand team, I had a *huge* inventory problem.   [in the end, taste wasn’t the issue.  The issue was it took 45 minutes to cook cut potatoes in the oven when consumers only had 30 minutes to make dinner…].   In the same respect, I wonder what will happen six months from now.  Will twitter traffic crash to a much lower level once the drama is gone?

I’m not being pessimistic.  I’m also very aware that in social media consumer adoption leads corporate adoption.  There is still a vast amount of corporate adoption to come for twitter.  So.. the future may also be bright.  I’ll be watching either way.

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