Okay – so I admit it – I was blogger before twitter and so until recently, didn’t use twitter. I found it somewhat futile with my handy blackberry stripped away from me having gone on mat leave in 2008 [i hate losing technology] and so being on the grid was difficult. Now that I’m back in the industry, twitter has its place – I see great value and I am enjoying following both former colleagues, respected savants (often one & same) and the international folks. I love the information flow.

I consumed happily and easily with my 26 follows and followers. I took pride in my near equal ratio – consuming and populating thoughts in a personally selected sphere of influence. Suddenly yesterday, I went from 26 followers to over 100. Okay so I got a nice and appreciated #followfriday (thanks Andrew Blair) and I added my twitter address to a discussion post in popular facebook fan page. But beyond that – I can’t account for the explosion.

And who are these people? I can’t quite understand it. Are they sincere in their follow attempts? Am I just a number to make their stats look big? I get that people with near equal rations are targetted so that twitterers can increase their follower numbers. What kind of value are people placing on how many people they follow and are followed by? I’m not talking about celebrity brands like Oprah whose fans presumable feel more brand loyalty thru twitter feeds but for the everyday joe – how do they know outside of a tag (or#followfriday) that I’m the one they should follow?  It doesn’t feel very scientific to get a stranger twitter follow.

I want to answer each one of my new followers personally and evaluate if I should return follow but now I feel a little sick looking at my exponentially growing list [minus the chick with her mouth full who is blocked for her wierd image].  I don’t think I can manage an expanded follower list without a better tweetdeck.

I attended a Trend City event last week where Norah Jones and Mark Evans and others were presenting their top social media trends. At one point Mark admitted to not being able to follow more than 200 people and that there would be a need to prioritize and filter the information. [to which I got excited and stated that we would see reverse segmentation in the future – whereby consumers would demand and use tools to better segment their friends and communities for organizations. And then the room went silent.. I *hate* that!]

I do want better segmentation on my twitter. When some starts following – I want their profile to auto filter them into segments that I’ve predefined.  Okay so tweetdeck does this on a very limited scale – I can assign a group for a bunch of followers.   And yet, I want to be able to identify my close friends from acquaintances – when I add start following.   Sort of identify a profile per twitter follow and then filter based on those profiles.  e.g. separate my just for laughs tweets from thought leadership tweets. Tweetdeck doesn’t really do much for me in this regard.

Tweetdeck is annoying me with the clear issues.  I can’t seem to get a saved clear status.  When I enter twitter from another computer, twitter does not remember what I’ve seen.  Must investigate.

Anyhow – I felt a need to rant.

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