Aaron Kim has resigned today from IBM – as per his blog post.  A big loss for IBM – Aaron is an admired and respected brain; really pushing new perspectives on emerging tech & enterprise 2.0 at IBM.   Its not surprising to me that his new employer was also one of his biggest clients at IBM.   A quick view to his blog comments show a lot of admiration from other ibmers.

I’m fortunate to be a part of Aaron’s social friday 2.0 club;  informal meet-ups among us Toronto 2.0 geeks – though he was absent at the last one given a business trip to NICE. (envy).   I hope to hear more about his move and sincerely hope he is still involved in emerging tech.

I like his exit post – he shows a deep respect for IBM as many of us did when choosing to leave the tech nest.  I concur with him – its a great company too easily attacked by old and dated brand images made popular by mac.

I suspect @aaronjuliuskim will have some major blog separation anxiety from leaving his internal blog at IBM as I did when I left IBM.

Funny – he chooses the same blog title I did in 2006 ‘leaving ibm‘ (okay – the title is pretty obvious and simple but do a google search and you will find hundreds of exit letters from IBMers).

Well – best of luck to Aaron.


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2 thoughts on “Another falls – Aaron on leaving ibm

  1. Thanks Laurie! I still remember your post announcing your departure, I didn’t realize I had chosen the same title. I was going to call this post something like my weekend tweet (“a cycle is coming to an end”) but Jennifer Okimoto reminded me that it would have too many other connotations 🙂

    1. Hey Aaron – its a very popular title – short, sweet and importantly, tweet friendly! I found it cool to search under “leaving Ibm” to find hundreds of exit posts. (which is not to suggest everyone is leaving but that IBM just has sooo many employees).
      See you soon!

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