I’m very interested in watching retailers exploring social media to beef up their customer experiences.   

@sachac [Sacha Chua!] tweeted about Le Gourmand [@legourmandyonge] sending tweets on when the cookies are fresh out of the oven – which is having the bloor & yonge crowd following along.  Deadly – and fantastic.   Love those cookies.  When I worked at Yonge & Bloor – I would have loved a tweet from the softie ice cream truck – though we used to just do instant messages for ice cream and baked goods in the kitchen.

Ben McConnell’s Church of Customer Blog highlights a great public apology by Domino’s to interactive Amy .  Its a bit over the top – however a quick read thru the comments to Ben’s post shows that the vocal opinion is pretty positive on the whole video.  What I like, however, is an operation serving a local area supposedly offering a twitter feed for feedback.   A low cost solution to manning a customer service phone line (albeit doesn’t serve all audience types).

Whole Foods is also twittering with over 646K! followers.   Interestingly – a look at their website shows a lot of different twitter addresses.  Clearly a retailer committed to twittering.

Will look for more but time to watch Weeds with the hubbie.