I’m finding this Facebook  “disappointed by Starbucks” discussion thread very interesting.  I wrote about this earlier – how with over 1MM facebook fans, Starbucks should consider some moderation of its discussion pages.  Hmm.. I would be interested in raising this issue up the chain. .

Its clear there is a lot of passion about Starbucks [great entry Dave Rice] [equally passionate Torgenson] and yet I don’t think the super brand loyalists amongst us can take the place of an official corporate responder.

Someone suggested to me that maybe Starbucks is purposely allowing its fan base to moderate this discussion but I think that’s a weak approach.  They seem to spend so much time on announcing the front page shyt…

What I like about Dave Rice’s thoughts – is that it was the same as my experience.  I had just joined and visited the discussion area and this was my first read.

Btw – Dave Rice – my upset was the price increase in kids’ drinks from $1 to $1.25 in Ontario only.  BC remains at $1.  I wrote a long letter to Starbucks about this – generally – charge whatever you want on my latte but don’t make money on my kid.

Importantly – the folks that complain in this thread are rather constructive.  I hear their passion and not a bunch of gripes.

And now … with my comments.. we are back up at the top of the discussion board once again!

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