Hillel Stoler has a neat, free tool for wordpress bloggers – who host their blog on wordpress.com – get it here.   Hillel has created an easy to use wizard that generates the html code required to add “add this” links for sharing your blog or posts to technorati, digg or other sites.   This saves the bother from figuring out the code from wordpress support faqs (how to put an rss feed in your sidebar) – (and I say this as a big fan of the support section of wordpress).

You can go to ‘Add this’ site to get a button and free analytics but it only applies to blogs downloaded from wordpress.org.  (wordpress.org blog sites means that you are hosting your own wordpress blog on your own server and so have control over analytics and other stuff).   Re: wordpress.com and .org issues, Add this states:

We are currently unable to support the the free but closed-source blogging site WordPress.com and are eagerly awaiting them to open an API we can code to.

Back to Hillel – I am always fascinated by the donationware.  Hillel does a great job offering something of value and asking diplomatically for $5 donation.   I love her blog style – casual, honest, authentic.  I have to read more.   Note for Hillel’s blog – if you read the little floaty description clouds that come up when the mouse hovers over a contact sensitive link – you will find some very cute descriptions.

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