The Blue Sapphire Ball held to benefit the Kol Hope Foundation for Children was an absolute hit – with me and with my entire table.  There was dancers, an opera singer, a 10 year old flamenco sensation, an original Canadian fashion blue dress design contest and more.  Melinda Rustia delivered a very touching speech highlighting the charity, where it spends its money (wheelchairs at Easter Seals, summer camps for disabled children, genetics reasearch at Sick Kids) and the inspiring story of Kol Rustia.  Kol is Jeff Rustia’s son – who was given six months to live at birth.  He is now turning 12 years old thanks to the constant care and attention from his family and Sick Kids Hospital.

I always love seeing my friend Jeff Rustia in action (go to his website and look up manifesto, visionaire and watch the video kit) (errr.. no direct link given the site is in flash …  grrr.. I can hate flash for that).   He is the circus ring leader and is the one person I personally know that can ignite a room full of excitement.  The ball was catering to a lot of different audiences and it appeals to everyone.  I especially love the high attendance by the Phillipino community because there is is always so much talent packing the room.  (the ball room dancing was amazing!).

Lucky for me – I managed to sneak in good one on one time time with almost everyone at the table.  Sacha Chua and I arrived early and I got to know a bit more about her being someone I admire so much.  I finally met up with Gwen with whom I haven’t seen in over a year and half.  Gwen owns a BAR! in the Kensington market (LOLA’s) and I will heading down there to check it out.

I also caught up with Steve McCormick – who is always great at party.  His business, Lift Communications, is going really well – having won a bunch of RFPs recently.  His backyard is getting a face lift and he is part of tv show.  So much going on for him.

I finally met Rick Declute’s better half and spent an evening with Mary and Anne. 

Great time.  Will have to do this next year.