Forgot the password or key for your home wireless router?  No problem!

I haven’t used our wireless router in about 2-3 years.  Long story – had a friend visit and being a retired msn geek (young retired if you know what I mean) he took apart and fuddled with all my computer equipment while I was at work.   Some for the better, and some for the worse.   Anyhow – that’s why I don’t know the password.

So.. here is a solution.  Go to (I know.. the name is dubious).  Go to password database and look up your router.  The default admin passwords are there!  Some routers will put this on the bottom of the router too.

2.  Get to c: prompt (accessories) and type ipconfig to get your default gateway address.

3. pop the default gateway address into your IE or firefox address bar and voila – you have the userid & password screen to manage the router.