The Kol Hope Foundation’s   Blue Sapphire Ball is NOW officially SOLD OUT despite all previous claims.    So.. I had the last ten tickets to this event – mostly because I was slow in selling the table I agree to sell for Jeff Rustia – friend and owner of Front TV, a broadcast design firm.

Now as the proud power seller of the fun table – all my guests get FREE drinks at the after party (where in addition to the 450 guests, 300 more attend)!  Yipeee.

At $100 a seat, I was a bit nervous given – I’m really busy and $100 bucks is a lot for an evening during the great recession.  

But I’ve always supported this charity — The Kol Hope Foundation supports children with genetic disabilities related to having extra chromosomes in their little bodies.   Jeff’s son Kol is one such boy who has been the face to charity supporting hundreds of kids thru sick kids and easter seals.    The Kol Hope Foundation is run by volunteers so most of the donated funds go directly to Sick Kids and Easter Seals, so I pressed on.

I wrote a compelling grovel and spammed my closest 48 linkedin connections.  My grovel went something like this – 

Under great duress (promise of free drinks), I agreed to sell a table. So I’m emailing you – my linkedin power people who I’d love to sit with at a dinner for a good cause. Warning ** it will be so wacky and over the top ….

And that’s all I did and managed to sell all tickets.   Okay – so I forced my husband to go.  But I managed to reconnect and drink coffee with a lot of people during the process.

Among the fun table, I’m really excited to see:

  • Steve McCormick – President of Lift Communications Inc..  Steve always cracks me up.  We were on the CMA together back when he was Director of E-com at Columbia House.
  • Sacha Chua – evangelist, brilliant woman, geek, nominated as one of Canada’s most influential women in social media.  I just want her smarts to rub off on me on Saturday.
  • Gwen Bang – owner, Catering with a Bang.  We car pooled to Great Gulf together saving the environment one car ride at a time and in the process became great friends.  
  • Rick Declute (2)- owner of a very successful real estate brokerage in the beaches, Toronto.  I bought my house thru Rick’s team.
  • Mary Hayes – owner and executive producer of Engage Learning Systems – an e-learning company distinguished by creating really cool e-learning and using new and social medias as part of their delivery platform.  Mary is always on the road so I’m so glad she will be in one place so we can catch up.
  • Anne  – an owner of a North American publishing company whose kids cds & books have been entertaining my kids
  • Philip Schalk – my bro  in law, excellent conversationalist, Pension benefit know it all and socialite at Morneau Sobeco
  • Andrew Schalk – my better half who would probably want me to stop working on the computer about now.  

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  1. uh oh… you’ve put the pressure on for me to be funny. Will do my best.

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