Yesterday, I had lunch with Kathyrn Everest, a social software advisor at Jive.   

Kathyrn and I worked together at IBM  back in the last recession and boom period (it was good times at IBM – the boom bust moved a lot of customers to tried and true and we were busy!) 

She is just loving working at Jive and I can see why – its a small company with under 200 employees and servicing companies around the world with their social collaboration n’ community software platform.   Its very leading edge – god how exciting.   

I noticed that Jive just renamed their 3.0 Clearspace release to social business software or SBS for short.   Jive is tailoring the solution on four major uses (or targets) for the software  – support, marketing, employee based collaboration and innovation.   It had added some improvements in social bookmarking.

I love social bookmarking within a global organization because it can make a company small again.  By using tagging, employees re-categorizing information they find important in terms that they use.  Eventually, like minded employees can find each other based on similar bookmarks and tagging.  Wouldn’t it be great if the social bookmarking includes not only web based bookmarks but all uploaded files, presentations too? (possible if on a wiki with a unique address).

I’ve signed up to be a Jive partner – and will be exploring their offering a little more closely.