Charlene Li from Altimeter Group hypothesizes that social networks will become like air  – a hypothesis that I would have to agree with.  

I’ve always believed that consumer behaviour leads corporate behaviour – and the social networking of facebook, myspace and twitter will mesh into corporate offerings as the usage of these tools continue among corporate canada/america.  

Charlene asks people to send their own ‘social networks like air’ ideas.  Here are mine.

  • Similar to what Charlene suggested – high levels of integration between social networks
  • I will look at my gps or google maps and see where my friends are, on a permissioned basis, who is in the park, who isn’t.  Similarly, I will be able to travel the world and be able to see where my global network of friends are and arrange coffee in paris, etc.
  •  I will own the ability to further segment my friends on my social networks –  I will be able to set up a radius of friends – family, best friends, mom friends, kids friend parents – rather than one big LUMP friend group.  
  •  My family circle will deliver me daily updates – consolidated from all sources and will auto print out at home for my morning coffee read.
  •  Wikis will become more common place and “users manuals” will be written by users – one word, one problem at a time.  The first section to be developed will be the trouble shooting section.
  • I also see the personal and private ability to set the hours of my participation.  I might choose to go off the grid from 10pm till 6am.  And I could do this centrally from my home, with one click or touch.

2 thoughts on “Future of Social Networks

  1. Calling someone a ‘blogger’ will sound as silly one day as if I were to call you a ‘faxer’ or ‘telephoner’

    1. True enough George! Especially as the gen y take over corporate life!

      I remember when I was trying to get Fast Company to add a new forum category for the internet or e-commerce (back in 1998) and someone wrote to me in protest that there was not a ‘fax’ category. I remember it being such an ancient attitude.

      Thanks for writing.

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