I love the idea of paypal and the market penetration of paypal.  But as a service – it still has a long way to go.  Paypal is slower than slow in adding funds from a Canadian bank account.  In this modern age where electronic transfers shuffle funds quickly, I am shocked at how long it takes paypal to move funds from a Canadian bank (6-8 days and counting).

Socialwisdom.ca is ours.  A dns registration on godaddy with some wordpress hoops to jump thru and I should have our domain active.   And damn wordpress (I love wordpress!) but they accept ONLY paypal payments for domain mapping upgrades.  And so I find myself starting up a new business paypal account.  (errr..  as a ‘power seller’ on kijiji and craigslist, I have my paypal personal resources but I am loath to mix up accounts).

Importantly, I never hook paypal up to the mother ship – that is, the main bank account.  My husband did that for his ebay purchases back in 2005 or 2006 and, guess what?!?  we had $1000 removed from our bank account in a fraud paypal action.  It took two weeks for paypal to return the money.    Yikes – so now, we add a small account of $50 bucks to INGDIRECT and hook up and verify the bank account to paypal.

Except, as I said – it takes 7-8 days for fund transfer even on a verified bank account.  What t f?!

So.. I wait and wait for paypal to clear.  ARGH