Whew!  Thank goodness.    MESH TV is here and ready for download.   Check it out to get up to date p.o.v’s on web 2.0 and social media.  Video burns my ipod batteries quickly but makes a great companion.

I missed MESH this year as.. crap..   I transitioned from full time mommy, to pink slip’d on mat leave to surprised full time pogey forced self employed business woman who caught a cool gig with an amazing e-learning company using social media and is starting to enjoy prospects.  Anyhow – I was itching to catch up at MESH but didn’t make it.

MESH is a fantastic conference held in Toronto, covering a broad range of social media 101 and beyond.  It rocked my boat in 2005 when I was beginning my research on web 2.0 at IBM.  

In picking up my favorite podcasts on itunes, I noticed “Mesh TV” is available.   And Sacha Chua’s panel on learning 2.0 is up there in full and so am delighted to have a good deal of the conference available.   Pretty high quality video and sound to boot.