Had coffee on Monday with Rick Wolfe from Poststone

I love talking to that man – he is delicious for the brain and I always leave our conversations excited,  motivated and with a paper full of books to read, people to meet and ideas to ponder.

I spoke to Rick at length about the use of social medias to allow consumer or customer created innovation – an area that I am deeply interested in.  Rick has great ideas here since he is well versed in finding hidden consumer or employee insights among large fortune 500 organizations.   I just want to get involved in facilitating crowd wisdom using new social community softwares.  I know of igloosoftware.  Rick encouraged me to look at Jive.

A look at Jive finds the coolest ad video that I’ve seen in a long time.

How I know Rick – we did an extensive research project together for the Canadian Marketing Association funded by IBM (where I worked at the time).  Our research looked at how Canadian marketers were defining brand (brand=customer experience) and what the best approaches were for managing and measuring brands based on this new definition.   A wonderful project that had Rick conducting round, kitchen table discussions with leading marketers as well as a jaunt around Toronto interviewing C-level executives.  The report is available for purchase on the CMA website.

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