I’ve been struggling since joining GG on how to introduce web2.0.  Truthfully, there are so many other e-business opportunities that I can’t just start at web 2.0 without web 1.0.. OR CAN I?  

My sister company in the US launched a blog and I had to slap my forehead.  While I respect their intiative and gumption, one doesn’t start with a corporate blog unless they have some experience blogging.  Right now their blog is a place for long winded press releases – argh!  no rss feeds yet, not many links, etc.

I met with a homebuyer of one of our condominums.  I asked if he would share his homebuying experience as I am eager to hear the experiences and am still putting surveys/research vendors in place (so haven’t done any formal research yet). 

He tells me that we do an exceptional job with the product.  The condominium is beautiful (it really is).  Based on this sophisticated jazz theme – the building is sexy, classy and wonderfully urban.  He says “you can have any information you want, but you have to ask for it”.  Wow – he admits that since he closed the sale on the condominium, the only communication has been legal.  (actually, there were two marketing communications but what matters is his perception – which is that all the communication is legal).  He wants to know about carpets, about lobby changes, about when the recycling program will start, etc .  What a great place for a blog.

Do I start the blog or do I encourage the condominium board to do it?  If I don’t do it myself then, will someone else?   So many questions.. but I do feel closer to understand how I can leverage the blog..

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